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Healthcare IVR Surveys

Patient Satisfaction Surveys, Post-Procedure Surveys

Datatel provides you  all the services that you require for a successful Healthcare IVR Survey project execution.

  • Application Planning & Project Management
  • Development & Implementation
  • Hosting
  • Dedicated Application Support
  • Data Hosting and Management Services.

Datatel has spent years working with organizations to execute 100's of Healthcare IVR survey projects.

You can count on us to support you every step of the way! Our refined service delivery process guarantees that your Healthcare IVR survey project will be successfully executed.


Datatel supports the widest range of IVR Survey features, including:

  • Any number of question formats: Yes/No, Multiple Choice, All that apply, Ranges
  • Built in Branching Logic: Sophisticated multi-level branching and question presentation
  • Extraction Questions: Dynamic questions based on answers to previous questions
  • Participant Verification: Supports multiple participant verification methods
  • Participation Rewards: Supports Instant Win, Sweepstakes, fixed participation reward as well as other reward systems
  • Randomization of Questions: Randomize the presentation of questions
  • Randomization of Answers: Randomize answer choices to prevent bias
  • Real-time scoring

Reporting & Data Delivery Options

  • All data and reports are available in real-time via web-based portal.
  • Real-time data exchange with clients database, using HTTP and XML protocols
  • Real-time data extraction (SCV, Excel)
  • Data hosting services
  • Custom Web Reporting

Dedicated Support

We understand how important it is to have a partner you can count on, That's why we're there for you every step of the way! Our professional services and support team are ready to serve you when you need it.

  • Dedicated Account Management/Support Team
  • 24/7 Program Monitoring
  • Professional Support Team
  • Real-time Program Administration and Monitoring

You can find out now how to successfully execute your IVR Employee survey project by calling our IVR Survey Rapid Response Team

(800) 831-6660

You can also download a free copy of
"The Complete Guide To Successfully Executing Your IVR Survey Project"

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From Our Clients
Educational Testing Service, providers of the GRE®, SAT® tests:
"Datatel's CSI Tracker turned out to be the perfect solution to our need to measure and track customer satisfaction. They are GREAT to work with!."
Burton Fried
Manager of Market Research
Educational Testing Service
"My team and I would like to commend Datatel on creating an IVR application that adds great value to our new Travel product. Your knowledge, input and expertise in IVR scripting, call flow management and overall IVR logistics made the development and implementation stages extremely easy to manage.
Thank you for a well executed campaign that was launched on time and on budget!"
Ryan McCullough
Marketing Manager
Aegon Direct

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