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Payment Reminders Plus

Voice, TXT Msg & Payment Links

Accelerate and simplify your accounts receivable collection with Datatel’s Payment Reminders Plus

Combines the power of Payment Reminders with Payment Links in one easy to manage process that accelerates Invoice-to-Payment time.

  • Reduce missed payments and overdue accounts
  • Cost Effective – reduce the effort and costs of making live reminder and collection calls, sending postal reminders and reduce the number of accounts that go to collection

Payment Reminders Plus is both pre-populated with each customer’s amount to pay and mobile optimized for a seamless payment experience. You can even direct your customers to all your other payment channels providing them with flexibility and convenience.

  • Simple to use web-based interface that it’s easy for your staff to manage
  • Generate lists from your accounting software and upload in a few quick steps
  • Each customer receives a personalized payment link with their amount to pay
  • Customer’s simply click on the link to pay by credit card
  • Get paid immediately with your existing merchant account
  • The entire payment process is secure and PCI compliant

No mobile # – No Problem! Payment Reminders Plus also lets you automate a friendly voice message payment reminder for customers for who you don’t have a mobile #.

Send all your customers personalized payment reminders, by Text Message and Automated Voice Message, in 3 quick steps with the easy-to-use web-based campaign scheduler

  1. Select your reminder template (TXT Message and Voice Message)
  2. Upload your AR contact file (Name, Account #, Amount, Phone Number)
  3. Click Launch to start your campaign

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