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IVR Payments - Partner Program

Datatel’s Partner Program offers you multiple ways to differentiate your business, enhance your offerings, and drive new revenue opportunities.

For over 25 years, Datatel has been providing IVR Payment solutions to hundreds of Businesses, Healthcare Providers, Governments, and Not-For-Profit Organizations.

Whether your client’s objective is to remove their staff, live agents and business systems from handling sensitive credit card information or to provide their customers with a seamless and secure way to make payments or register their credit card 24/7 by phone, Datatel CryptoIVR™ has the right solutions for you and your clients.

As a partner your benefit from:

  • Incremental sales from a rapidly growing market
  • Recurring revenue stream
  • Increased revenue from your existing customer base
  • Build-up of new customer base
  • Merchant retention
  • Proven solutions that address market demands
  • Expansion of your offerings

We take care of keeping the IVR Payments easy, secure, and reliable so that you can focus more on what’s important, running your business.

Datatel Partner Advantage:

With access to marketing support and our full catalogue of automated IVR Payments and remote solutions, you can provide even greater value to your customer and further grow your business.

Payment Service Providers and ISO’s:

Whether you are a multinational Merchant Service Provider, a Payment Gateway, or an ISO, Datatel offers innovative IVR Payments and remote payment solutions to augment your existing services and outshine the competition.

Business Service Providers:

With Datatel’s flexible solutions, you can seamlessly integrate our technology into your own technology and payment environment for a seamless customer experience no matter if you offer billing services, collection services, an outsourced call center, or telco services

Software Developers, Integrators and ISV’s:

Whether you are a custom software developer or a specialized Software as a Service provider, Datatel can meet your product’s needs to integrate secure and reliable remote payments into your service platform.

IVR Payment Solutions

Not only is Datatel’s CryptoIVR™ an easily deployed IVR Payments as a service platform, cost effective and allows for 24/7 secure and PCI Compliant processing of Credit Card and eCheques payments but as a partner you also have access to our full range of remote payment and automation solutions

So, no matter what the need, Datatel has an IVR Payments Solution that is right for you. Implementation is quick and simple.

Automated IVR Payments

Datatel’s Self-Service Automated IVR Payments – lets your clients collect payments 24-7-365 without any staff assistance

  • Choose CryptoIVR™ LITE or XPRESS edition to offer your budget sensitive customers a lightning-fast deployment with simplified configurations for standard phone payments.
  • Choose CryptoIVR™ PRO modular edition to offer your customers a wide array of advanced options, payment functionality and customizations.

Agent Assist IVR Payments

Agent Assist – Allows your customers’ representatives to collect payments without the need to handle any sensitive credit card information

  • Choose CryptoIVR™ XPRESS edition to offer your budget focused customers a lightning-fast deployment with simplified configurations for any basic phone payments.
  • Choose CryptoIVR™ PRO modular edition to offer your customers a wide array of advanced customizations and payment functionality.

Industry Trends for Adoption of IVR Payments:

While being able to accept payments via phone remains a common expectation amongst customers, it was identified that the following twelve industries were among the most frequent IVR Payment requesters.

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare & Patient Services
  • Utilities
  • Government & Municipal Services
  • Property Management
  • Self-Storage Rentals
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Waste Management
  • Consumer Goods
  • Business Services
  • Charities & Not-for-Profit Associations

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