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EFT Payments Suite

Accept & Send Payments by EFT

Seamlessly Accept and Send Payments by EFT

Datatel’s EFT Payments Suite allows your business to easily debit or deposit bank account payments directly from one payment platform that you control!

  • Collect Payments directly from a payers bank account
  • Send Payments directly to a recipients bank account

The EFT Payments Suite, powered by VoPay, gives your business full control over EFT payments. Choose our hosted WebPay solution to accept payments directly on your own website, use the payment Dashboard to collect and send payments, or you can integrate our API into your own business platforms. The payment experience is branded for you plus it’s 100% paperless and mobile-optimized!

Datatel’s EFT Suite is ideal for your business to:

  • Collect or Send one-time payments quickly
  • Set up collecting or sending recurring payments
  • Fully automate sending or collecting bulk payments
  • Go paperless and eliminate lost, stolen or forged cheques
  • Increase payment security versus legacy EFT methods
  • Receive real-time acknowledgment and daily status reports

Datatel’s EFT Payments Suite Puts You in Control!

EFT WebPay

Take control of your collections with EFT WebPay - now you can instantly accept customer-initiated direct debit bank account payments right on your own website 24/7. Simply embed the Datatel WebPay URL in your website, in e-mails, invoices or on account statements for a seamless payment experience that’s branded for your business.

EFT Dashboard

The EFT dashboard gives you the power to instantly set-up one-time payments, recurring payments or fully automated bulk payments directly from any customer’s bank account or to any vendor. Plus you can access all of the suite’s enhanced processing options including fast next generation intelligent payments, full visibility of transaction status, and advanced tools for real-time bank account data and funds verification.


The EFT developer-friendly API puts your own business platforms in control of both paying your vendors and collecting from clients. Now your own systems can push or pull funds directly from bank accounts across North American.

Choose from two types of EFT Service:

Standard EFT

Access funds within T+3 business days. This enhanced payment service eliminates paper checks and, unlike bank initiated EFT, it offers you full transaction visibility with real-time acknowledgments, daily status reports, and increased security with encrypted tokenization of all bank data.

Intelligent EFT

Express funds delivery within T+1 business day optimizes your cash flow by providing a true credit card alternative at a much lower cost! With its advanced open banking technology*, all banking information is verified and validated in real-time for faster, data-rich transactions that eliminates failed transactions from human error and reduces NSF transactions and fees.

The Datatel EFT Payment Advantage

EFT payments were not all created equal. Legacy EFT services available from banks via online banking or through file processing systems require manual submission, are error prone, offer no tracking of payment status or funds availability, and have no options for validating bank account data.

Datatel’s EFT Payments Suite removes the friction and inefficiencies associated with the manual processing of EFT through your bank and automates this for a completely digital solution with faster, transparent and traceable transactions.

The EFT Payments Suite connects your business directly to financial institutions across Canada so you control accepting or sending payments that offer a more secure and paperless payment experience that’s branded for your business.

Plus when you choose Intelligent EFT for instant processing*, your business benefits from 66% faster EFT transaction speeds, same day funding at lower costs than credit card processing and you access greater protection from failed and NSF transactions!

* Intelligent EFT, powered by IQ11TM, offers same day collection with T + 1 business day for funds to arrive. IQ11TM is a trademark of VoPay International. All Rights Reserved.

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