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Cybersecurity Gap Analysis
and Assessment Services

Businesses and organizations in both the public and private sphere are more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks and data breaches both from external sources and from within. A proactive (as opposed to reactive) approach to your organization’s security needs is to undergo a Cyber Security Gap Assessment. An effectively conducted Security Gap Analysis will help you to accurately assess your organization’s current security profile, both in terms of which practices are effective as well as those areas where you may be vulnerable.

A Cyber Security Gap Assessment will...

  • Provide you with a comprehensive overview of your present security profile as compared to what the optimum state should be for the specific industry that you are in
  • Thoroughly assess your strengths and weaknesses so to enable you to focus on the areas of your security profile that require the most attention
  • Provide you with an in-depth report that includes security benchmarks to measure yourself against as well as recommendations for moving forward for all the relevant areas of your business

As part of the Cybersecurity Gap Assessment we will complete and present you with an interim Cybersecurity GAP Report that includes the following:

  • Organizational information discovery
  • Scope statement
  • GAP Report
  • Remediation recommendations that can be used to address the control gaps discovered
  • Prioritization of the control implementation that can be used to set an order to address the control gaps identified
  • Documented responses to any questions asked during the engagement

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