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Automated Payment Reminders

Accelerate your accounts receivable and reduce costs

Deliver friendly, automated payment reminders to your customers by using a combination of Voice (IVR) and Text Messages (SMS) designed to accelerate your accounts receivable collections.

Getting started is simple. Choose from a library of available payment reminder templates or create your own. Upload your AR files with an easy to use web portal, connect your billing software directly with the use of a real-time API or synchronize your AR files using secure FTP (SFTP/SSH).

  • Improve Your Cash Flow: Accelerate your cash flow and reduce the number of accounts that go to collections.
  • Cost Effective: A fraction of the cost of mail reminders, calls from your A/R representatives or your collection agency.
  • Flexible A/R data Integration: Upload your A/R files using Datatel’s easy to use Web Portal. You can also transmit your A/R files using secure FTP transfer or connect your billing and account software with the use of a real-time API.
  • IVR Payments Integration: Leverage Datatel’s IVR Payments Platform enabling your customers to make a payment following the reminder call/text messages over the telephone 24/7 in a PCI Compliant environment.
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  • Constant Communication: Provides you with an effective method to stay in touch with your customers. You choose the message content and delivery schedule.
  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement Tool: Proactively engage customers with payment reminders instead of waiting for accounts to turn delinquent. Customers appreciate the soft collection approach resulting in a better overall customer experience.

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We, Standard Life, very much appreciated Datatel's expertise, knowledge and support as we worked through the development and implementation stages. Our Clients appreciate the simplicity of the capability, while gathering very valuable feedback. Thanks for making this a very positive experience.

Anne Pennell
VP, Customer Services Operations, Standard Life